V-good FireFly 18A ESC 2-4S 18A-O-LITE 32 Bit ARM for RC Multicopters

V-good FireFly 18A ESC 2-4S 18A-O-LITE 32 Bit ARM for RC Multicopters

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With a high-performance processor, V-good FireFly 18A ESC has excellent compatibility and high motor drive efficiency. Full use of authentic materials to ensure that products with first-class quality and stable performance. And it has complete independent intellectual property rights, sustainable updates.

- Using 32-bit ARM processor. With small size, light weight, rapid running speed.
- Fine speed control, fine linear throttle response, rapid implementation of gas changes, throttle signal loss protection function.
- Synchronous rectification, regenerative braking, energy recuperation (Compared with the other such kind of ESC, it can save more than 15% power)
- Support and automatically detect the ordinary remote control signal and One-Shot 125 control signal. Available throttle setting can compatible with differnet remote control.
- Automatic start up power mode, with great acceleration performance.
- Adaptive timing to be compatible with much more different motors.
- Having start up protectio function. To avoid the damage of motor, it will stop the start up of motor when the motor is blocked or don`t start up for a long time.
- Special designed for multi copters. Having complete independent intellectual property rights, product sustainable for update.

Con.Current: 18A
Peak Current(10s): 25A
Lipo: 2-4s
Weight: 5.6g
Size(PCB): 23*12*5mm
Signal cable length: 165mm
Motor cable length: 75mm
Power cable length: 95mm

Package included:
1 x V-good FireFly 18A ESC