Skyrc PC3000 2500W 50A Battery Charger 4 Channel 12/14S Smart High-power Fast Charger

Skyrc PC3000 2500W 50A Battery Charger 4 Channel 12/14S Smart High-power Fast Charger

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SKYRC PC3000 four-channel smart charger is specially designed for 12-14S high-rate smart battery which integrates a charger and a charging butler, and can connect 4 batteries. The maximum output power of the charger is up to 2500W, with two modes of fast charging and slow charging for users to choose. During the charging process, the charger can communicate with the battery, and intelligently adjust the charging current according to the current acceptable for the current battery condition. In addition, the charger is easy to operate, safe and reliable, with functions such as overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overtemperature protection and status indication.
skyrc pc3000 50a 12s charger
Main Features
Easy to Operate
The operation of  using the Skyrc PC3000 charger is simplified. Choose Fast charge or slow charge, press "Start" button, it will begin to charge the battery. 
skyrc pc3000 50a 12s charger
The CAN bus with flexible customized communication protocol is safer and more efficient for self-balancing high-rate battery charging
In order to meet the real-time status monitoring of fast charging smart batteries for charging equipment, the industry-leading CAN bus interface communication is added. Utilizing the characteristics of long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and easy expansion of the CAN bus, the charger data is transmitted to the smart battery in real time, and the smart battery BMS adjusts the voltage and current of the charger in real time to achieve the optimization of charging. Change the traditional balanced charging method and use the AS150U charging main port for charging, reducing charging failures and improving charging efficiency.
skyrc pc3000 50a 12s charger
Pre-charge function to extend battery life
The charger can detect the battery voltage through communication with the battery, and intelligently adjust the charging current according to the battery voltage.
skyrc pc3000 50a 12s charger
16000mAh battery can be fully charged in 15 minutes
Strong power, up to 2500W output power, 50A charging current, four-channel output, better save charging time and improve charging efficiency.
skyrc pc3000 50a battery charger
New circuit design, More Optimized Algorithm,
Significantly improve efficiency and increase reliability

Stunning modular process design, reasonable space layout, and selection of components from well-known foreign brands to ensure stable and durable product quality.
charger for uav drones
Conformal coating film products, circuit protection covers
The electronic components of the key circuit are protected by PVC protective covers to resist the influence of harsh environments on the circuit components, enhance the shock and vibration resistance of the components, and achieve the ability to prevent moisture, mildew, and smoke corrosion, ensuring more stable and reliable outdoor work.
skyrc pc3000 charger
Rubber frame, upgrade protection
The front and rear ends of the charger body adopt high-quality rubber protective covers, which can reduce the impact of external force during transportation or use, and effectively protect the charger body from damage.
skyrc pc3000 charger for 12s 14s battery
Large ball bearing high speed fan
The disc wing blade design reduces noise, provides powerful wind pressure performance, and better ensures efficient heat dissipation of the PC3000 charger.
skyrc pc3000 12s battery charger
High-quality filter, effectively filtering dust and sand in the air
We designed the filter at the end of the fan convection, and changed the filter to an independent design, which is easy to disassemble and clean, and can effectively filter dust, sand and other harmful substances that charge the charger.
skyrc pc3000 quick charger for 12s battery
Rubber protective cover to protect the charging port
For the charging port, the PC3000 charger uses a high-quality environmental protection rubber protective cover. When the charger is not in use, cover the protective cover to avoid corrosion and oxidation of the charging port and extend the service life.
12s battery charger
Multiple protection functions
Short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, multiple protection functions, product quality is safe and reliable, so that users can rest assured that it is safe to use.

Item Brand: Skyrc
Item Model: PC3000
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Charging Power: 100-175V   1200W
                           176-240V   2500W
Charge Current: Fast Charge 50A (Single Channel) 
                         Slow Charge: 12.5-20A
Charging Mode: Fast Charge; Slow Charge
Battery Type: LiPo
Battery Cell Count: 12S/14S
Size: 340X240X270MM
Weight: 10kg
Working Current: 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃-70℃

Package Included:
SKYRC PC3000 4CH Smart Battery Charger x 1
User Manual x 1 

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