Flycolor 36A BLheli_32 32bit 3-5S Brushless ESC w/Telemetry (4PCS)
Flycolor 36A BLheli_32 32bit 3-5S Brushless ESC w/Telemetry (4PCS)

Flycolor 36A BLheli_32 32bit 3-5S Brushless ESC w/Telemetry (4PCS)

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Flycolor newly released teh BL32 36A 3-5S esc for rc drones. This ESC is specially designed for narrow arm frame drones. The width of the esc is only 11mm, and the weight is ultra light, only 9g, perfect fo fpv racing drones and other quads.

Main Features:
1.Thermal protection
Thermal protection can be enabled or disabled. And the temperature threshold can be programmed The programmable threshold is primarily meant as a support for hardware manufacturers to use, as different hardwares can have different tolerances on the max temperatures of the various components used.
2. Low RPM power protection
Power limiting for low RPMs can be enabled or disabled. Disabling it can be necessary in order to achieve full power on some low kV motors running on a low supply voltage. However, disabling it increases the risk of sync loss, with the possibility of toasting motor or ESC.
3. Low voltage protection
Low voltage protection can be set between 2.5V and 4.0V per lipo cell. Or it can be disabled. When enabled, it will limit power applied to the motor if the battery voltage drops below the programmed threshold. This feature is primarily intended for fixed wing crafts.
4. Brake On Stop
Brake on stop can be set between 1% and 100%, or disabled. When not disabled, brake will be applied when throttle is zero. For nonzero throttle, this setting has no effect.
5. Sine Modulation mode
Sine modulation mode can give a few percent more efficient running, as well as smoother running.
6. Auto Telemetry
When auto telemetry is enabled, the ESC will autonomously output telemetry at 32ms intervals, regardless of whether or not there are telemetry requests from the input signal.

Item Brand: Flocolor
Item No.: Raptor BL-32 36A
Con. Current: 36A
Burst Current(10S): 42A
Support Voltage: 3-5S
Weight: 8.4g
Dimension: 35 x 11 x 7mm
Suitable for: 170-330mm racing drones

Package Included:
Flycolor 36A BLheli_32 32bit 3-5S Brushless ESC x 4

flycolor 36a bl32

BL-32 36A ESC

flycolor 36a esc

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