ARRIS Chamlemon 220 5" FPV Racing Drone Frame for Racing

ARRIS Chamlemon 220 5" FPV Racing Drone Frame for Racing

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ARRIS Chamlemon 220 is the latest FPV racer ARRIS specially designed for racing. It is makde of high strength carbon fiber plate with painting on it, the color of the frame is not the same fram different angle, plus 4 programming LEDs, which are impeccable in appearance and performance.

Main Features:
1. 5mm thickness ultra narrow arm, super power for the drone and strong to resistance.
2. Ultra light weight--the frame is only 71g. The light weight design of the frame has better flight feel regardless of racing or freestyle.
3. ARRIS X-Speed 220 frame adopts 12.8 level YFS counersunk square gold screws, more durable and beautiful.
4. Compatible with all kinds of 3D print parts, such as the motor protection mount, GoPro and etc.
5. It is compatible with 2206, 2306 series brushless motors, which can offer strong power for it.

Item Name: ARRIS X-Speed 220 Frame
Wheelbase: 220mm
Arm thickness: 5mm
Material: high strength 3K carbon fiber
Weight: 71g
Suggest motors: 220X series motors
ESC: 30-40A esc
Propeller: 5" propeller

Package Included:
ARRIS Chamlemon 220 fpv racing drone frame kit x 1

arris x-speed 220