ARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone
ARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying DroneARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying DroneARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying DroneARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone

ARRIS F16 4 Axis 16L UAV Agricultural Crop Spraying Drone

Item# CB0048-LA0082
USD $3,699.00
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ARRIS F16 is the latested 16L 4 axis drones specially designed for agricultural sprayers. The whole drone adopts wide body structure design, so the radar and fpv camera modules can be installed in front of the drone. The  water tank covers the whole upper plate and it is pluggable.Easy to take off the and maintain.

Digotal wheelbase: 1500mm
Size: 720x780x490mm (folded)
         1165x1175x490mm ( unfolded)
Frame weight: about 14.3kg (battery not included)
                       about 20.5kg (with battery)
Take off weight: 37kg
Hovering time: 20 minutes (take off weight--20.5kg)
                       10 minutes (take off weight--37kg)
Battery: 12s 44.4V 22000mah
Working area: 16-20 acres each flight
Working time: 8 to 12 minutes each flight
Water tank capacity: 16L
Water tank weight: 1.5kg

Spraying system: 
Pressure nozzle: dual nozzle
Nozzle model: VP11002
Pump flow rate: 3.5/L
Working voltage: 44.4V
Spraying width: 4-6m

Battery: 12S 44.4V 22000mah (optional)
Charging Port : AS150U

F16 adopts a brand-new modularized quick-plug design structure, with a 16L pluggable water tank.
The F16 4 Axis drone is true "X" symmetrical wide body structure design, the center of gravity is still concentrated, reducing the shaking of the liquid during the operation.

The square carbon fiber tube can effectively enhance the strength and accuracy of the arm. The arm is foldable, which is convenient for transfer and transportation. 

The fuselage structure adopts the combination of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the strength is stable and reliable, and the overall weight is reduced.
F16 comes with FPV camera with FOV 120° lens, you can monitor the situation ahead from the radio in the real time. With two 8W consumption navigation lights, it is more safe to peration at night.  With the obstacle radar, it can measure the relative distance between the drone and the obstacle in front of the flight, so as to avoid the obstacle effectively. 

Siyi AK28 Agriculture Drone Remote Controller
Siyi AK28 is comes with IUAV OS, a customized drone operating system powered by Andriod. The AK28 integraged with long-distance datalink and videolink comes with an HD FPV camera. It is designed and manufactured with the waterproof and dustproof ability on the industrial level for drone operations in extreme circumstances.With 7" bult-in touchscreen high brightness monitor, you can know the situation in front of the drone in real time.

As a new generation of flagship flight control system, k++ combines the advantages of the classic flight control K3A, and strengthens the compatibility and multi-redundancy scheme to form a redundant redundancy control system with superior performance and strong reliability.

Equipped with exclusive agricultural App ground station, precise and convenient control
Personalized app tailored for agricultural sprayer drones, it can provide arbitrary polygon route for unregulated terrain, autonomous operation and improve work efficiency. It has a route memory function and can calculate the spray area, which helps the operator to grasp the dosage more accurately.

Package Included:
F16 Axis 16L agriculture drone frame x 1
Spraying system x 1
ARRIS A40 propulsion system x 4 (2CW+2CCW)
Jiyi K++ Flight Controller with Radar Combo x 1
Siyi AK28 Datalink Videolin 3in1 agriculture drone radio x 1 
Tattu 12S 22000mah Intelligent Battery x 2   (Optional)
Skyrc PC1500 Dual channel 12S battery charger x 1 (Optional)

1. It comes everything you needed for a complete drone, but they are not assembled, you need to assemble and tune it by yourself.
2. Due to the built-in battery in AK28 radio, it will send out seperately.
3. The Tattu 12s 22000mah battery need to send by seperate shipping method.