ARRIS Explorer 220 3-4S 5" Freestyle FPV Racing Drone ARF with F4 CADDX Ratel Camera
ARRIS Explorer 220 3-4S 5" Freestyle FPV Racing Drone ARF with F4 CADDX Ratel CameraARRIS Explorer 220 3-4S 5" Freestyle FPV Racing Drone ARF with F4 CADDX Ratel Camera

ARRIS Explorer 220 3-4S 5" Freestyle FPV Racing Drone ARF with F4 CADDX Ratel Camera

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ARRIS Explorer 220 is the latest 220mm size fpv racing drone releasedby ARRIS. The same as our previous products, ARRIS aims to provide high cost effective fpv racing drone BNF/RTF for the FPV lovers. ARRIS Explorer 220 comes with 2206 2450KV brushless motor, F4 with 4IN1 ESC , CADDX ratel fpv camera, VT5804 power adjustable VTX and fpv antenna. Fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory.

For the RTF verion, you can check here.For the HD version with DJI FPV Air unit, you can check here.

Main Features:
1. Ultra-narrow body, greatly reducing the wind resistance in flight
2. The chopstick-shaped arm design allows you to maximize the power of your motor
3. The whole frame adopts 12.9 countersunk head square raw gold screws, which is more durable and beautiful.
4. The weight of the frame is 90G, the BNF is only 363G, the ultra-light weight is more handy in both racing and fancy flight, with an unparalleled feel.
5. The back of the arm is designed for unobstructed shooting. The camera will not capture the presence of the blade.
6. 4 programming LEDs make the aircraft more cool.

Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model: ARRIS Explorer 220
Wheelbase: 226mm
Arm thickness: 5mm
Frame material: high strength carbon fiber plate
Flight controller: F4
Camera: CADDX Ratel
Motor: ARRIS X2206 2450KV
Flight speed: 170km/h
Flight time: 3 to 8 minutes
Battery suggested: 4S 1300 to 2000mah

ARRIS Explorer 220 really cost quite a long time on designing and improving on many small details. Chipstick-shaped arm adopts 5mm thickness carbon plate, it not only allows you to maximize the power of the drone, but also remains the strength of it. Ultra-narrow body, greatly reducing the wind resistance in flight.The whole arm adopts 12.9 countersunk gold screw, more durable and beautiful.

ARRIS Explorer220 comes with powerful X2206 2450KV Brushless motor. The main features of the motor is as below:
1. Adopts the brand new M5 steel shaft, improving the structure strength.
2. Anti-slip pro design.
3. Adopts original Japan NSK bearing, improving the performance of the motor.
4. Adopts N52 tile-shaped magnets.
5. Adpops open structure design, optimizing the heat dissipation.
6. The motor passed more than 20 kinds of tests before leaving the factory, ensure the quality of the motor

DALPROP cyclones T5045C series propeller is newly released high end dynamic balanced prop for fpv racing drones.
The propeller is made of imported PC,the strength is high, and the root is thickened,which make the propeller is not easily broken. The smooth surface design on the prop decreased the windage resistance,increasing the efficiency of the propeller.

Diatone Mamba Betaflight F405 flight controller with 40A ESC tower is great for fpv racing drones.

arris explorer 220

Caddx Ratel 1/1.8" Starlight HDR 1200TVL FPV racing drone camera is specially designed for fpv racing quads. With the 8ms ultra low latency and excellent performance in dark night, it will bring you on an unprecedented FPV journey.

arris explorer 220 fpv racing drones

ARRIS VT5804 48CH 0mw/25mw/100mw/200mw/400mw/600mw Switchable Video Transmitter.It has stable output power, long transmission range (0.5KM+@25mW; 1KM@200mW; 2KM+@600mW with stock antenna), 6 power switchable,Output power and frequency setting can be done in OSD interface through remote controller and it weighs only 6g, perfect for fpv racing quads.

arris explorer220 fpv racing drones

Programmable LED on the arm, the color of the led is adjustable in the betaflight.

3D print GoPro mount is avaialble for the Arris Explorer 220, reserved the holes for it. To purchase the GOPRO mount, please check here.

 arris explorer 220 fpv racing drones

arris explorer 220

Packange Included:
ARRIS Explorer220 FPV Racing Drone Frame Kit x 1
ARRIS X2206 2450KV brushless motor x 4
Diatone Mamba F4 with 4IN1 Esc x 1
Caddx Ratel 1/1.8" FPV camera x 1
Dalprop T5045C High Effiency Propeller x 4 (2CW+2CCW)
ARRIS VT5804 48CH VTX x 1
FPV Antenna x 1
Battery straps x 1