Matek 5V/3A BEC 5-in-1 PDB (LED Lighting Control Tracker Low Voltage Alarm Power Hub)

Matek 5V/3A BEC 5-in-1 PDB (LED Lighting Control Tracker Low Voltage Alarm Power Hub)

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The 5in1 Hub with PDB has the following 5 functions: PDB, BEC-5V/3A, LED light controller, lost plane finder and Low Voltage Alarm.
It is specially fit for multi-rotors, FPV racing drones and etc. Most of the ESC do not have BEC now, with the built-in 5V BEC on the board, you can connect it with receiver or flight controller directly, which will make your wires more concise. Also when you use the 4-6S battery on the multi-rotor, the BEC can set to 12V output, which can power the gimbal, video tx, camera and other equipments.
Inbuilt LED light controller, there are three modes: constant light, slow flash and fast flash. You can use the toggle switch on the radio to switch them.
Lost plane finder, trigger the goggle switch can make the buzzer alarm, and LED flash, which can help you to find where your drone is.
Low voltage alarm, there are 3.4V, 3.5V and 3.6V for you to choose to set as the threshold. Once the voltage get below the voltage you set the buzzer and LED light will remind you.

Input voltage range: 7-26V DC, 2-6 cells Lipo
Dimension: 36x36x5mm
Weight: 7g
Mounting: 30.5mm, 3mm

A.PDB, twin bonding pads
B.7-26V DC input pads
C.BEC 3A 5V or 12V (Default is 5V)
D.LED lights pads, 6 pairs in total, LED voltage=BEC voltage (Default is 5V)
E.Connect to the AUX on the receiver, to control the LED status or trigger the buzzer
F.Low voltage set value light (3.4V, 3.5V,3.6V,OFF)
G.Button (used to adjust the voltage or LED status when it is not connected to AUX)
H.R15&R16, adjust the BEC to 12V output

How to Use the 5 Functions?
Function 1: PDB
-Twin pads A: one side is positive plate, and the other side is negative plate
-If the PDB pads in use, the pads B can be idle

Function 2: BEC
-Input voltage range: 7-26V DC, 2-6 cells lipo
-Output: 5V or 12V (Default voltage is 5V), 3A
-DC/DC synchronous buck regulator, efficiency is up to 95%
-If the other BEC in use, please remove the R15 or disconnect the red wire on Aux pins
-Setting the BEC output to 12V: Remove the R15 (0ohm) & connect the R16 (Jumper)
-If the BEC is set to 12V, no voltage on the AUX pins. The BEC pads C should be used to power the gimbals, video TX and etc.
-If the BEC is set to 12V, the LED keeps constant light in F3, F4, F5. 12V LED cannot be controlled.

Function 3: LED Light Controller
-6 pairs LED light pads in total, all the LED lights have the same status
-LED light voltage specifications should be the same as BEC voltage. For example, the BEC is 5V, the 5V LED should be used. If the BEC is 12V, the 12V LED should be used.
-Please use the AUX channel with 3-position toggle switch. Middle position is OFF (Value=1400-1600). Side position is LED ON (Value=1700-2000)
-Three LED Modes: Constant Light, Slow Flash (1Hz), Fast Flash (3Hz)
-Choose the Modes: Turn on the LED first (move the switch to value 1700-2000), then move the switch to middle position & side position within 0.5 second. Beep once.
If no cable is connected to RX AUX channel, the button can used to change the modes.

Function 4: Lost Plane Finder
-Use the same Aux channel with F3 function, middle position is OFF (Value=1400-1600)
-Move the switch to value=1000-1300, the buzzer & LED light can be triggered. Beep & Flash (2Hz), which can help you search the models in tall grass or trees.
-Set the "Servo reverse" in transmitter to change the switch position of F3 & F4.

Function 5: Low Voltage Alarm
-The 5in1 can monitor 2-6S Lipo voltage status & notify you once the cells reach the defined voltage
-If the input voltage is in the range of the following, the 5in1 will detect the cell numbers automatically when the LiPo is connected. Beep once and show the voltage threshold.
-If the voltage is out of range. The 5in1 will alarm 1 short beep & 3 red LEDs light.
-Hold the button 3 seconds to enter the setting. Press the button to set the alarm threshold within 3.4V, 3.5V, 3.6V and OFF. The value will be saved if no action within 5 seconds.
-During the using of LiPo, 5in1 will detect the voltage all the time. If the input voltage is below "threshold*cells", the Beep & Flash will be triggered (1Hz).
- Input voltage rise again, the alarm will be suspended.
-The buzzer & LED light status of F5 has priority over F3 & F4.

Easy to Install
The 5in1 Hub with PDB comes with nylon standoffs, nylon screws and nuts, it is easy to install.
The mounting hole is 30.5mm; it is compatible with CC3D, Naze 32, SP Racing F3 and other small size flight controller.