Xaircraft MiniX Flight Controller Super Combo (FC + GPS + OSD + XLINK AIR + XLINK GROUND)

Xaircraft MiniX Flight Controller Super Combo (FC + GPS + OSD + XLINK AIR + XLINK GROUND)

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MINIX is the latest generation intelligent flight controller for multi-rotors released by Xaircraft in September, 2014. The MINIX flight controller not only extended the stability and safety mechanism, but also decreased the size of the flight controller hardware size through highly integration design. The new design decreases the complication to install and set up the flight controller, so it can meet the requirements of the model flyers better.

Main Features of the MINIX:

  • Three flight mode: Manual Mode, ATT Mode and GPS Mode
  • Support Quad-rotor, Hexa-rotor and Octo-rotor types
  • High accuracy height hold auxiliary under ATT and GPS mode
  • More security options: Failsafe, One Key Go Home, Automatic Landing and so on
  • Built-in green configuration software, no need to install the driver and software
  • Support the digital ground station communication and control module, compatible with Android Pad APP operation
  • Built-in “Black Box” flight recorder, support the module extension and firmware upgrade
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Support SBUS or PPM receiver

Technical Parameter of MINIX

Functional Performance


Output Characteristics

ESC control frequency: 333hz
(The default ESC is standard ESC, you can change it into Ultra PWA output)
Servo control frequency: 100Hz

Hovering Accuracy

Vertical: 1.0m
Horizontal: 2.0m

Anti-wind Capability

<8m/s (17mph/28.8km/h)

Max Yaw Angular Velocity

200 degree/s

Max Tilt Angle

25 degree



Working Temperature

-10 degree - 55 degree

Configuration Software

Support the Windows system

Good diamagnetic interference ability

MiniX-SUPER KIT Combo:
Includes: Flight Controller + GPS + OSD + XLINK AIR + XLINK GROUND
Function: Manual Mode, ATT Mode, GPS Mode, 4/6/8 multicopters, Failsafe, One Key Go Home, Automatic Landing, “Black Box”, Long Range Software Adjustment, OSD, Mobile Control and Follow Mode

How to Install and Operate the MINIX Flight Controller

How to connect it with the receiver?

For receiver which supports the S-Bus port (such as Futaba receiver, Frsky TFR8SB receiver), you just need to use one 3pin wire to connect the MINIX with receiver. This design limits the types of the radio the customer use, but from another angle, this decreased the complication for user to set the settings. And Futaba radio is one of the most mainstream radios in the market now.

If the radio is not Futaba or the receiver does not support the S.BUS port, how to connect the MINIX with receiver?
In this case, you just need to prepare one PWM convert S.BUS converter.
The advantage of using the S.BUS is easy to arrange the wire. You just need one 3pin wire to transfer the control signals from all the channels to flight controller. It is easy to arrange the wire, and you could not connect the wire to the wrong channel.

Another feature of the MINIX is the ESC output port. There are 4 rows 3 pin connectors, but they can support connecting with 8 ESC. MiniX adopts the “borrow” methods, the rest of the two pin connector can output the ESC control signal except the GND pin in each row of the 3 pin connector. For quadcopter user, you just need to connect the ESC to the 4 rows 3 pin connectors, not need to make any change. For hexa-copter user or octa-copter user, you need to use the “1 to 2 convert wire” to convert the 4 row 3 pin connectors to 8 ESC port. This is quite easy, you just need to pay attention to the sequence of the ESC you connected.

As we all know, for the 3 pin wires of most ESCs, one is signal wire, the middle one is UBEC power wire, and the last one is GND. Generally, we just need to use the signal wire and GND.

Whether the ESC has the function of giving power supply to outside or not, we divide the ESC to OPTO ESC and UBEC ESC. For OPTO ESC, it could not power the receiver or flight controller, the red wire of the signal wire is unused. For this type of ESC, they can connect to the MINIX directly. UBEC (or BEC) ESC has the ability to reduce the main power to 5V or 6V, and give power supply to receiver or flight controller through signal wire. The red wire in signal wire is electric, for this type of ESC, you need to cut off the red wire before connect it to the MINIX flight controller.

Besides, the MINIX integrated the LED module to the GPS module.

MINIX almost has the same function as Super X. And compared with the Super X, MINIX only has one version; it can support quad-copter, hexa-copter, octa-copter, and Y6, X8 and some other special types multicopters. The same as Super X, MINIX remains the built-in green configuration software and “Black Box” flight recorder. If you have used the Super X before, it is easy for you to use the MINIX. The setting and calibration is the same as Super X.
For the ground station function (not available yet), the MINIX is compatible with it by default; you just need to match the Bluetooth radio.

XAircraft MINIX Manual Download

XAircraft MINIX OSD Manual Download