Walkera Devention 'Devo12'12-CH Radio Set(Upgrade to Devo12S) W/RX1202 Receiver

Walkera Devention 'Devo12'12-CH Radio Set(Upgrade to Devo12S) W/RX1202 Receiver

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RC Functions

1). 4.7ˇ±touch screen colorful LCD, three theme background skins switchable.
2). 4 stick modes, stick modes switchable.
3). 3 aircraft models, 6 swashplates, 5 flight modes, and 60 model data storage.
4). multi languages optional
5). RF transmitter powers adjustable
6). Radio data transmission
7). USB online update
8). both auto code banding and fixed code free settable
9). 12 channel multifunctional settings


DEVO-12 Specification:

1). Encoder: ARM micro computer system
2). Frequency: 2.4Ghz
3). Output power:-5dBm~20dBm
4). Battery:3.7V 3000mAh LiPo
5). Stand-by time: 10h

Receiver: DEVO-RX1202


1). it provides rainbow,gem blue,skyblue,three backgrouds.
2). it covers helicoptor,airplane, gliders.3 models field.
3). there are 6 kinds helicoptor swashplate modes,one servo,2 servos,3 servos and so on.
4). it can meet different demands,and can be stored 60pcs models data base.
5). you can freely select the normal flight and stunt flight 1,stunt flight 2,stunt flight 3,stunt flight 4,five flight modes.
6). According to different models and signal requirements,you can select the output power freely,and it is more economic and safe.
7). it supports MODE1ˇ˘MODE2 ˇ˘MODE3ˇ˘ MODE4 four stick modes,each controllable derection can be changable.
8). the data base can be copied between any two models.the database is transfered to avoid losing .
9). you can set different ID code,according to your favorate,safty performance is realiable.
10).Through internet, USB connector ,which makes it simple and convinent,you can enjoy upgrade online service free.