Tarot TL300A Mini 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Racer FPV RC Quadcopter Frame

Tarot TL300A Mini 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Racer FPV RC Quadcopter Frame

Item# CA0031
USD $39.98

Tarot Mini 300 is the only racing quadcopter which could integrate camera, FPV transmission system, battery, ESC, 5.8G wireless transmitter, antennal, GPS, etc. electronic components on the frame throught directly plugging in or soldering on the PDB board. It could reduce the wiring and installing time. The tarot mini 200/250/300 is also the product with highest integration degree among similar products in the market. The body adopts 2.1mm pure carbon fiber material, featuring simple structure, high durable and lower price.

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OSD image overlay / GPS: TL300L
600MW5.8G mini wireless image transmission: TL300N
Mini Camera: TL300M
CC3D openpilot open fly through the machine control TL300D
5.8G image transmission antenna group TL300K
6-inch three-paddle TL300F (Mini 300)
200 Mini / Mini-250 / Hooray ESC 12A (including BEC) TL300G
200 Mini / Mini-250 / brushless motor: 1860-2280KV TL300H1 / TL300H2
Mini 300 brushless motor: 2206KV TL300J1 / TL300J2
Lithium-polymer battery: 15C / 11.1V / 2200MAH

Wheelbase: 300MM
Frame Height / Assembly Height: 43MM / 85.8MM
Bottom clearance height: 21.8MM
Frame Weight / Takeoff Weight: 135G / 450G (including 2200MHA battery)

2.0 Pure Carbon Plate 1 (180 33 2.0MM) 12.5G
Front Pure Carbon Plate 2.0 1 (240 70 2.0MM) 20.5G
2.0 Rear pure carbon plate 1 (240 68 2.0MM) 17.9G
1.0 Frong Legislature Pure Carbon Plate 1 (159 33 2.0MM) 1.3G
PCB board 1 (181 106 19.5MM) 28G
Plastic Tripod 1 (175 108 43MM) 25G
Front Metal Support Frame 1 (73 10 8MM) 5G
Within M2 4MM Round Head Allen Screws 0.2G 7
The Metal Support Frame 2 (48.5 4 8MM) 1.7G
M2 12MM Cup Head Cap Screws 0.3G 6
Flight Control Double-Sided Adhesive 1 (35 35 1.5MM) 0.5G
Magic Stick Battery 1
Battery Ties 1
English Manual 1