Tarot 250 Mini Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame for FPV

Tarot 250 Mini Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame for FPV

Item# CA0028
USD $29.98

Tarot Mini 250 is the only racing quadcopter which could integrate camera, FPV transmission system, battery, ESC, 5.8G wireless transmitter, antennal, GPS, etc. electronic components on the frame throught directly plugging in or soldering. It could reduce the wiring and installing time. The tarot mini 200/250/300 is also the product with highest integration degree among similar products in the market. The body adopts 2.1mm pure carbon fiber material, featuring simple structure, high durable and lower price.

Wheelbase: 250mm
Neat height/ Kit Height: 43mm/ 85.8mm
Neat length/ Kit length: 195mm/288mm
Neat Width/ Kit Width: 219mm/315mm
Bottom Height: 21.8mm
Neat Weight/Takeoff Weight: 15g/430g (include 2200mah battery)

2.0 middle pure carbon board x 1  (159x33x2mm) 
2.0 front pure carbon board x 1  (219x49x2mm)
2.0 backward pure carbon board x 1  (219x58x2mm)
1.0 front standing pure carbon board x 1  (159x33x2mm)
PCB board x 1  (181x106x19.5mm)
Plastic landing skid x 1  (175x108x43mm)
Front metal support bracket x 1  (73x10x8mm)
Button head socket screw x 7  (M2x4mm)
Upper metal bracket x 2  (48.5x4x8mm)
Socket screw x 6  (M2x12mm)
Dual-faced paster x 1  (35x35x1.5mm)

Package Includes:
1 x Tarot 250 Racing Airframe
1 x Assembly Manual

What you need to build a RTF Racing Drone (Not include and needs to be purchased separately):
4 x Brushless Motors (Recommend 1806 brushless motor)
4 x 12A ESC
2 x 5" CW Propeller
2 x 5" CCW Propeller
1 x CC3D Openpilot Flight Controller
1 x Radio Set
1 x 11.1V 2200mAh Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x TL300L OSD/GPS (Optional)
1 x L300N Video Transmitter (Optional)
1 x L300M Mini Camera (Optional)
1 x TL300K Antenna (Optional)

With multiple camera mount, integrated PCB, and 2.1MM main board.

Lipo battery can be directly pluged to XT60 on PCG board, reduce messy wiring. In the tail, there is 5.8G wireless antenny protecting plate and GPS socket. The ESC can be directly soldereed on corresponding PCB board.

Equipped with 450PRO plastic landing gear greatly reduce the cost.

With extreme light weight, enjoy your FPV flight with Tarot 250 FPV kit