Tarot X6 6-Axis Hexacopter TL6X001 Super Combo (Not Assembled)

Tarot X6 6-Axis Hexacopter TL6X001 Super Combo (Not Assembled)

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Tarot X6 6-Axis Hexacopter TL6X001 Super Combo (Not Included)

Package Includes:
1 x Tarot X6 TL6X001 Frame
6 x ARRIS 5008/335KV Brushless Motor or Tarot 5008 Motor (Optional)
6 x Flycolor 40A OPTO 2-6S Brushelss ESC
6 x Tarot 1755 Carbon Fiber Propeller TL2812 (3 pairs)

Tarot X6 multicopter frame is specially designed for professional aerial photography or FPV users. It comes with the new style electronic retractable landing skid, umbrella type folding arms, integrated PCB board which make the power wire and ESC wire connections more safety. Meanwhile, it provides enough installation space for flight controller or other equipments.0"2
For the Tarot X6 multicopter frame, if one of the arms stopped working by accident, the multicopter frame could still in stable status. The main feature of this frame is light in weight, and easy to carry. The max take-off weight is about 9kg, and it is easy to carry the Canon 5D camera with the gimbal. The flight time is about 12 minutes.

The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd five patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture copy use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit.

patent number: 2014204282854
patent number: 014203682366
patent number: 014302624585
patent number: 0143015411040"2
patent number: 014302583208

Diagonal wheelbase: 960mm
Propeller size: 18 inches
Length of one arm: 392mm
Weight of one arm: 113g
Diameter of center plate: 328mm
Height of landing skid:395mm
Battery recommended: 15C, 22.2V 10000mah to 20000mah
6S brushless ESC recommended: 40A
Max Power Consumption: 4000W
Hovering Power Consumption: 1800W
Hovering time: 18min
Working temperature: -10℃󕾘℃
Net weight: 2.0kg
Package weight: 2.7kg

Folding arm design on the Tarot X6 decreased much preparing time before flight. The 4 direction lock folding design with patent make the arm lock on the frame firmly.

The Tarot X6 comes with high strength PCB board; the power plug adopts the AS150 anti-spark connector. The user could get more flight time from the light frame.

The new type motor mount added the brushless ESC installation hole. This is easy to adjust the horizontal of the motor. There is air deflector groove on top; it could bring good heat dissipation effect.

The electronic retractable landing skid has reverse power protection and failsafe function. The retractable landing skid could provide broader views for aerial photography.


The Tarot X6 comes with metal GPS mount. It is plug type, easy to folding.

Black and red color main frame design has strong visual effect. The battery hang under the frame design make the gravity center lower, and it provide more installation space.

ARRIS 5008 335KV High Quality Brushless Motor

Motor Diameter 57.7mm
Motor Length 27.5mm
Stator Diameter 50mm
Stator Length 8mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Weight 185.5g
Batteries 6Cells
Top Mounting Holes 12mm*12mm
Bottom Mounting Holes 25mm*25mm

KV 330 Motor Dimension(Dia*Len) 57.7mm*31mm
Configu-ration 12N14P Weight(g) 183g
Stator Diameter 50mm idle current(10)@10V(A) 0.42A
Stator Length 8mm NO.of Cells(Lipo) 6S
Shaft Diameter 6mm    
Volts(V) Prop Amps(A) Watts(W) Thrust(G) Thrust(OZ) Efficiency(G/W) Efficiency(OZ/W)
24V CF1755 2.0 48.0 565 19.93 11.77 0.42
4.0 96.0 960 33.86 10.00 0.35
6.0 144.0 1260 44.44 8.75 0.31
8.0 192.0 1540 54.32 8.02 0.28
12.0 288.0 2035 71.78 7.07 0.25
14.0 336.0 2280 80.42 6.79 0.24
16.0 384.0 2530 89.24 6.59 0.23
17.8 427.2 2730 96.30 6.39 0.23
CF1865 2.0 48.0 590 20.81 12.29 0.43
6.0 144.0 1320 46.56 9.17 0.32
12.0 288.0 2070 73.02 7.19 0.25
14.0 336.0 2300 81.13 6.85 0.24
16.0 384.0 2500 88.18 6.51 0.23
20.0 480.0 2820 99.47 5.88 0.21
24.7 592.8 3300 116.40 5.57 0.20

Tarot 5008/340KV Multicopter Brushless Motor TL96020

  • 5008/340KV Brushless Motor, designed for multi-copters, applicable to 17-18 rotor frame sets, such as T960A, T18, TL18A00
  • CNC processed, smooth surface and well-balanced
  • Brand-new turbofan cover, which provide good heat dissipation effect.
  • Rotor is made by neodymium iron boron, and stator is made by Epoxy resin, motor is well-balanced from factory, which solves vibration issue a lot. Motor shaft is alloy steel applied.
  • Motor upper and lower cover are special bearing applied, which has advantages such as low frictional torque, low power consumption, impact resistance, strong radial support.
  • Specification:

    • M3x8 cup head screw x4
    • M3x8 button head screw x2
    • Metal installation plate x1
    • 5008KV340 x1

    Tarot High Effeciency 1755 Carbon Fiber Propeller CW/CCW TL2815

    • Applicable to three mounting holes brushless motor
    • Carbon content 100% TORAY 3K carbon fiber applied
    • Well-balanced from factory
    • Optimized propeller efficiency and loading stability

    With this high quality, high performance and high effective electronic combo for the X6, it will bring you best flight experience during your flight.