Free Shipping!ARRIS X-Speed 250 Racing quadcopter Frame(Not Assembled)

Free Shipping!ARRIS X-Speed 250 Racing quadcopter Frame(Not Assembled)

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In order to design one good product, the technicians and pilots of Hobby-Wing tested several 250 FPV quad copters in the market. So we are clear to know how to produce one FPV 250 quad copter with reasonable design.This frame is specially designed for 2204 or 2205 brushless motor.

First important step is to choose the material for the frame. Many of the FPV 250 quad copter frame adopts plastic component, glass fiber material or glass fiber mixed with carbon fiber material. Compared with pure carbon fiber material, they are quite heavy. As we all know, the FPV 250 pursued the flight speed and operation feeling, so the light frame is quite important for it. ARRIS X-SPEED FPV 250 frame adopts 1.5mm pure carbon material, the weight of the frame is only 161g.

While we are experiencing the fun of the high speed crossing of the 250 racer, we could not avoid all kinds of crash. The arm is the main stress point during the flight. Considering this, we adopts double plated arms design, this could avoid the crack of the arms when it crashes. During the crashes, some propeller may be out of shape under stress and cut the ESC. On ARRIS SPEED-X, the ESC installs between two plates of the arm, this could avoid this accident, and the whole RTF will be more concise.

The flight crash may cause the damage of the motor, ESC and other parts; those will cause the vibration of the frame. Too much vibration will influence the normal operation video TX, camera and the flight controller. So ARRIS X-SPEED really makes great effort to decrease the vibration.

First, it is the vibration damper plate for the camera. After a lot of testing, the video quality transforms from the camera improve much.

The vibration damper plate on upper frame could filter the vibration effectively. As a result, the video will be more clear and stable, decrease the “jello“.

The center vibration damper plate can install the flight controller and the receiver; this can not only decrease the damage to the electronic parts during the crash, but also filter the vibration effectively. The 250 racer could fly more stable. During our test, some of the 250 quad copters are not stable and some lean to one side or even crash. After we add the vibration damper plate under it, this problem solved.

The frame of the 250 is small, but it needs to carry much equipment. Plenty of wires on it make it looks messy, and it is not inconvenient to assemble and fix. Besides, plenty of wires will increase the flight weight. ARRIS X-SPEED FPV 250 adopts integrated PCB, this could solve this problem.


Another feature of the ARRIS X-SPEED is the angle of the FPV camera is adjustable. The angle adjustable range is 0 to 20 degree. (pitch up)

Package included:
1 x ARRIS X-SPEED FPV250 Mini Quadcopter Frame(unassembled)

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